Agreement of Tenancy

           This Agreement of Tenancy is made and entered into at______, this____ day of_________, 20___, between ABC, an adult Indian, aged about_____ years, occ:-____________, r/o__________________________(hereinafter referred to as the ‘Said Landlord’ for the sake of brevity) and DEF, an adult Indian, aged about______ years, occ:-____________, r/o_____________________________ (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Said Tenant’ for the sake of brevity).

           WHEREAS, the ‘Said Landlord” is absolutely seized and possessed of a building known as____________ (the ‘Said Building’ for the sake of brevity), being and situate at CTS No__________,_____________ Road,__________ (Location),______________ (City/District),_______________ (State), which was constructed by his deceased father in the year_______ and following his demise all the rights, title and interest in the ‘Said Building’ including the residential and commercial tenements therein have devolved upon him by the operation of law of succession, the ‘Said Landlord’ being the only surviving legal heir of the demised father.

           AND WHEREAS, the ‘Said Tenant’ is in the need of a suitable accommodation he has approached the ‘Said Landlord’ for granting him monthly tenancy in respect of residential tenement no_____, situate on the_________ floor of the ‘Said Building’ admeasuring about________ square feet (carpet area) (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Said Tenement’ for the sake of brevity and more particularly described in the Schedule of Property appended hereto) and as the ‘Said Landlord’ was agreeable to this, he entered into negotiations with the ‘Said Tenant’ and they have mutually agreed at the following terms and conditions which will form the part of this Tenancy Agreement.


           1] That the ‘Said Landlord’ grants a monthly tenancy of the ‘Said Tenement’ to the ‘Said Tenant’ on the monthly rent of Rs_______/- (Rs______________/- only) per month, excluding all the taxes, rates, cess and other charges payable to the municipal and other government and/semi-government authorities and the said rent shall be paid scrupulously on or before the 10th day of every month.

           2] That the said tenancy shall be governed by the Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999 or such other Rent Control Amendment Act or successor Act for the time being in force. The ‘Said Tenant’ expressly submits to the provisions of the said Act and agrees to pay the annual permissible increase in the amount of Rent fixed in the preceding clause.

           3] That the aforesaid tenancy is granted only for the bonafide residential needs of the ‘Said Tenant’ and his family and the ‘Said Tenant’ hereby expressly undertakes not to let or sub-let the ‘Said Tenement’ to any other person or to create any adverse interest therein. The ‘Said Tenant’ further undertakes not to ply any trade, occupation, profession or business in the ‘Said Tenement’.

           4] That the ‘Said Tenant’ shall always maintain the ‘Said Tenement’ in tenantable repairs, but he shall not carry out any major and/or structural changes or modification to the ‘Said Tenement’ without the written permission of the landlord.

           5] That the ‘Said Tenant’ shall not store any hazardous, noxious or explosive substances/articles in or about the ‘Said Tenement’ and in general he shall not do any act, deed or thing which could endanger the ‘Said Tenement’ or the ‘Said Building’. Moreover, he shall, during the subsistence of the instant tenancy, conduct himself in an orderly and peaceful manner and shall not cause any nuisance to the neighbours in the vicinity.

          6] That the ‘Said Tenant’ shall bear all the expenses to be incurred on the payment of Stamp Duty and Registration Fees and/or any other ancillary charges thereof.


           Tenement no_____, _________ floor of ___________ Building, comprising a single room with attached sink, bathroom, separate municipal water connection and shared Privy, admeasuring about________ square feet (carpet area), being and situate at Plot No__________, _________________ Street,________ Town/City, District________________, State:-___________.

           IN WITNESS WHEREOF, both the parties hereto have set and subscribed their respective hands to this writing on the day, month and year first hereinbefore mentioned.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered by

The withinnamed ABC, the ‘Said Landlord’

In the presence of





                                                           ‘Said Landlord’


Signed, Sealed and Delivered by

The withinnamed DEF, the ‘Said Tenant’

In the presence of





           ‘Said Tenant’




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