(1) An application in prescribed format which is available at Rs. 10/- in the office of the concerned Estate Manager, MH&AD Board, Griha Nirman Bhavan, Kala Nagar, Bandra (East), Mumbai – 400 051.

(2) Certificate duly signed by the applicant indicating therein the reasons for transfer of tenancy rights.

(3) Death certificate (original) in case original tenement holder is dead.

(4) An affidavit on Rs. 20/- stamp paper declaring therein that he/she, his/her/wife/husband and unmarried children have not possessed any land/tenement in the Mumbai City and in the extended suburb areas.

(5) The No Objection Certificate from the original tenement holder for proposed transfer at tenancy rights.

(6) NOC from the Co-operative Society, in case the Co-operative Housing Society is formed or an affidavit on Rs. 20/- stamp paper declaring that the Co-operative Housing Society is not formed.

(7) If the applicant is in service, certificate of annual income from the concerned organization, firm, department, where the applicant is employed.

(8) An affidavit on Rs. 20/- stamp paper declaring therein the annual income of the applicant. If not in service or self-employed a copy of income tax return.

(9) Applicants two photographs duly attested of applicant.

(10) Certified copy of latest payment receipt towards arrears of rent clarifying therein no any dues.

(11) Heirship Certificate from competent authority indicating therein the relation of the applicant with the tenement holder.

(12) Charges towards transfer of tenancy rights shall be paid either in cash or by the way of Demand Draft/Pay Order of any Nationalized Bank and certified copy of receipt of payment to that effect shall be submitted. Transfer charges are as follows:-

* Low Income Group @ Rs 45/Sq.ft Maximum of Rs 15,000.00

* Middle Income Group @Rs 55/Sq.ft Maximum of Rs 25,000.00

* High Income Group @Rs 60/Sq.ft Maximum of Rs 35,000.00

(13) The prescribed application along with the above documents is required to be submitted within 15 days in the office of the concerned Estate Manager, MH&AD Board, Bandra (East), Mumbai.

(14) According to the provision of Section 24 of MHAD Act 1976, transfer of tenancy rights are applicable to the following legal heirs of the original tenement holder:-

* Husband or Wife.

*Unmarried son & daughter.

* Married son and his family members.

* Widow daughter and her unmarried children.

* Father and Mother.


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