Government Corrigendum dt. 21st February, 2018- Department of Housing- Sub- Implementation of PM Awas Yojna


Regarding Implementation in the state of the Models issued by the Central Government for the Projects under the Pradhan Mantri AwasYojna on the basis of Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

Government of Maharashtra

Department of Housing

Government Corrigendum No:-Pra.Aa.Yo/2017/Pra.Kra.12/GruNiDho-2/Shikana

Madam Cama Marg, Hutatma Raj Guru Chowk,

Mantralaya, Mumbai-32

Date:-21stFebruary, 2018


1] Government Resolution in the Department of Housing, bearing No:-Pra.Aa.Yo/2017/Pra.Kra.12/GruNiDho-2/Shikana, Dated 11/01/2018.

2] Government Circular in the Department of Housing, bearing No:-PraAaYo/2017/Pra.Kra.12/GruNiDho-2/Shikana, Dt. 24/01/2018.



            On 01/02/2018, a video conference was arranged by Hon’ble Additional Chief Secretary (Housing), with all concerned parties to fix the direction of action to be taken in the light of the aforesaid Government Resolution and the incidental Guidelines thereunder and also to discuss the difficulties which arose in the course of implementation of the Policy. During the course of discussion, the concerned persons informed that difficulties were arising in the course of actual implementation due to certain aspects of the said Government Resolution. Accordingly, a Corrigendum is hereby issued incorporating/adding/amending the following matters in the Government Resolution dated 11/01/2018 and Circular (Guidelines) dt. 24/01/2018.

                (a) With a view to maintaining the quality of construction in the Projects under PPP Policy a division-wise Panel of Civil Engineering Experts, Expert Architects, as well as experts in the field of accounts/audit shall be prepared at the level of state;

                 (b) Upon sanction of projects, the said projects should be registered under Maha-RERA;

                 (c) In paragraph 3(b) in the Government Resolution dated 11/01/2018 at Serial No.1 regarding Models on private land it is so stated that for participating in the scheme it shall be necessary to construct housing units on the said land only for beneficiaries from the Economically Weaker Section/Lower Income Group. Instead, it should be read that it shall be mandatory to reserve minimum 35% housing units for the Economically Weaker Section in the housing projects on private land under AHP Component as per the Guidelines of the Central Government;

                 (d) In Descriptive Statement No.2 of the Government Resolution dt. 11/01/2018, instead of 5 Minutes walking distance- 0.5 Km, instead of 10 Minutes walking distance- 1.0 Km, instead of 20 Minutes walking distance- 2.0 Km and instead of 15 Minutes by bus/car- 5.0 Km distance should be read;

                 (e) Since the provisions of the Maha RERA Rules would be applicable to the housing projects under PPP Policy, the condition of Performance Guarantee in the Government Resolution dt. 11/01/2018, hereby stands revoked;

                 (f) In Serial No.(1)- Title of Land under Description of Land in Paragraph 5(b) of the Government Resolution dt.11/01/2018, it has been so stated that on the date of the Tender the land should be in the name of the concerned private developer who submits the Tender, while in case of Firm the land should be in the name of the Firm. Instead, it should be so read that the land in housing projects under PPP should either be in the name of the Firm or minimum one partner of such Firm;

                 (g) Paragraph No.5(a)(5) of the Government Resolution dt. 11/01/2018 hereby stands omitted.

            This Government Corrigendum has been made available on the website of the Government of Maharashtra viz. and its Code Number is 201802211642205409. This Resolution has been attested and issued under digital signature.

            By the order and in the name of the Governor of the Maharashtra,

                                                Ramchandra Dhanawade – Digital Signature


                                                Deputy Secretary, Government of Maharashtra


1. The Secretary to the Hon’ble Governor, Raj Bhawan (By Letter),

2. The Principal Secretary to the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Mantralaya, Mumbai,

3. The Personal Assistant to the Hon’ble Minister (Housing), Mantralaya, Mumbai-32,

4. The Personal Assistant to the Hon’ble Minister of State (Housing), Mantralaya, Mumbai-32,

5. Hon’ble Leader of Opposition in the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, Vidhan Bhawan, Mumbai,

6. Hon’ble Leader of Opposition in the Maharashtra Legislative Council, Mumbai,

7. Hon’ble Chief Secretary, Government of Maharashtra, Mantralaya, Mumbai,

8. The Vice-President and Chief Executive Officer, the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority, GrihaNirman Bhawan, Bandra (East), Mumbai-51,

9. The Managing Director, the Shivashahi Rehabilitation Project Ltd., Bandra (East), Mumbai-51,

10. The Chief Executive Officer, the Slum Rehabilitation Authority, Bandra (East), Mumbai-51,

11. The Chief Executive Officer, the Dharavi Rehabilitation Project, GrihaNirman Bhawan, Bandra (East), Mumbai-51,

12. The Director, the Directorate of Municipal Administration,

13. Select File/GruNIPa-2 Desk, Department of Housing, Mantralaya, Mumbai-32.


[Text Translated by Adv. Prakash Manohar Chalke-

Copyright Reserved]©


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