I, ABC an adult Indian, aged about___years, Occ:-__________, r/o._________________________City/District_________,State:__________________________PIN Code:-_______, do hereby make my last will and testament. I state that I have not made any will, codicil or any other document of testamentary nature in the past to the best of my knowledge, memory and belief.  However, if so made, I revoke the same and declare the present will to be my last will and testament which will have effect on my demise.

            I state that although I generally keep sound health, having regard to my old age and the uncertainties of life, I would like to make a testament concerning my assets, both movable and immovable, which I now proceed to do.

            I hereby bequeath my self-acquired flat, admeasuring about ______Sq. feet (Carpet) being and situate at __________________________, Location Area________, City/District:-________, together with all furniture, fixtures and articles lying therein in favour of my daughter Mrs. ____________________, an adult Indian, Occ:-Service; r/o-________________, Location Area:-_____________, City/District:-________, State:-_________, PIN Code:-__________ .

            I say that presently I am staying at the aforementioned address i.e.  _________________________________________, which is a tenanted tenement (hereinafter referred to as the ‘said tenanted tenement’ for the sake of brevity) of which I am the lawful tenant.  It is my true and sincere desire that on my demise the ‘said tenanted tenement’ comprising one room + kitchen, admeasuring about__________Sq. feet be transferred in the name of my son Mr.______________________________, an adult Indian, Occ:-Business, who has been residing there along with his wife and two children.

            I also own by virtue of inheritance, a residential house i.e. House No._____ being and situate at post ________, Tehsil:-_________, District:-__________, in which I hold a 1/5th indeterminate share.  In the same village, I also own some agricultural lands admeasuring about _____ acres and ——-Gunthe, bearing Gatt No______ & Hissa No.______, together with all plants and trees standing thereon. I do hereby give and bequeath my entre share in the said ancestral house as well as my agricultural lands along with all the crops, plants and trees standing thereon, to my younger son Mr.______________________, an adult Hindu, aged about________ years; Occ:-Agriculturist; r/o___________________, Location Area:-_____________, City/District:-________, State:-_________, PIN Code:-__________ .

            I have also made certain investments, which I propose to give and bequeath to the following legatees.

            (a) H.D.F.C Certificate in the sum of Rs-______/- dated ______, bearing No._________ :- to my daughter Mrs. ______________.

            (b) Fixed Deposit Receipts held by me in _______________Bank Ltd., ______Branch.

Sr.No. Receipt No. Date Rs/-

            I do hereby give and bequeath the aforesaid F.D.Rs. in favour of my mother Smt. ________________, an adult Hindu, aged about _____ years, occ:-_______, r/o. ___________________________.

            (c)  Postal Monthly Income Scheme:- I have also invested a sizable amount in the following postal monthly Income schemes at __________Post Office. I give and bequeath the said investments to the following legatees in the following manner.

Sr.No. Account No. Rs Legatee

            I hereby appoint my brother-in-law Mr.________________________, r/o. ____________________________________as  the Sole executor of this will,  who will be entitled to obtain the probate of the will without being required to furnish any security. He will carry out the duties of  ‘Executor’ in good faith for the betterment of  all.

            I declare that I have made this will while being in a fit and sound condition both physically and mentally.  I further declare that I have made the will of my own volition and free will and without being under any misconception of law or fact and free from undue influence, duress, coercion or threat of any kind.

            In Witness whereof I have hereunto set and subscribed my hand to this will this______ day of__________ in the year 20____at ___________in presence of the following witnesses who at my request agreed to become witnesses and in acceptance thereof they have set and subscribed their respective signatures.

Signed & Sealed by the

within named  Testator


In presence of the

following witnesses:-



Witness No. 1]


Witness No.2]

Before Me,


Medical Certificate



            This is to certify that I know Shri.___________________, an adult Indian, aged about ____ years, resident of ______________________________ since last several years as he frequently visits my clinic for medical advice, consultation and treatment.

            I say that although Shri._____________________ is presently in the advanced age and suffers from various old age ailments, he otherwise keeps a sound health.

            Today at his request I examined him and found him to be in the sound condition, both physically and mentally. According to me he has the necessary physical and mental capacity to undertake any transaction concerning the disposal of his property.


                             Medical Practitioner’s Name:-______________



                             Registration No._______________


Editorial Note:- A will must be attested by minimum two witnesses. A will which is not so attested, shall not be admitted in the court of law. Hence, this requirement (attestation by two witnesses) must be scrupulously followed. The form of Medical Certificate is only illustrative.














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