About Us

This website is envisioned to provide various laws, regulations, bye-laws and other useful information relating to the housing and building sector, especially in its operation to the State of Maharashtra. Moreover, it plans to cater to the diverse law related needs of the realtors, lawyers and common people alike.

Our Vision

Our Aim is to promote the awareness about the Housing related laws, so that a common man is well-equipped to deal with the major housing related transactions in his life, such as Purchase and Sale of immovable property, Gift Deed, Mortgage Deed, Will, long term Lease, besides usual transactions such as Leave & Licence.

The content under the website is broadly covered under the following heads:

Acts and Regulations

It will cover all housing and building related laws, regulations and bye-laws in India, from the point of view of a citizen domiciled in the State of Maharashtra. At present, we have covered only the most important Acts and Regulations, e.g. the DC Regulations, Mumbai, D.C. Regulations, Thane, Mah. Land Revenue Code, Mah. Co-operative Societies Act, Indian Contract Act, Transfer of Property Act, Easements Act, Mah. Stamp Act, Indian Registration Act, Fire Safety Act, and a few more Acts.  However, in future we will cover possibly all major Acts and Regulations operating in the field of housing and realty.

Model Forms

Presently, we have provided a limited number of Model Forms that could be useful to the ordinary people, e.g. Agreement for Sale, Leave & Licence, Partnership Deed, Memorandum of Understanding etc.  However, in future more quality content will be provided.

Policies and Notifications

This section will cover all major policies and Notifications of the Governments, vis-à-vis the housing and building sector. Though, presently only a limited content is available.

Useful Information 

This section will cover the newspaper reports, a brief reporting of the court rulings that could be of interest to the common public.

This website is owned and administered by Prakash Manohar Chalke

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