G.R. dt. 23rd November, 2012- Revenue and Forest- Sub-Concession in Nazarana on Inam lands covered by Gunthewari Regularisation


Regarding grant of concession in Nazarana amount chargeable for Non-Agricultural User on former Inam/Watan lands covered by construction to be regularised under Gunthewari Scheme

Government of Maharashtra

Government Resolution No:-Watan 2007/462/Pra.Kra.104/


Department of Revenue and Forest

Mantralaya, Mumbai:-400 032



Government Resolution in the Department of Revenue and Forest No:- Watan 2007/462/Pra.Kra.104/L-4, Dt. 3rd May, 2010



            The Department of Urban Development has regularized construction on the lands sold by Gunthewari System in the state by charging Condonation Fees and Development Charges as per the provisions of the Maharashtra Gunthewari Development Act, 2001.Notwithstanding this fact, the Government ought to get its Nazarana for the Watan/Inam lands sold in this manner as per Rules. Generally speaking, 50% Nazarana computed as per Ready Reckoner is charged for the Watan lands transferred with prior permission. For those lands, which have been transferred for non-agricultural purposes without permission, a Nazarana equal to 50% of the valuation worked out as per Ready Reckoner and a 50% Penalty on such Nazaranai.e. a total 75% amount is charged. For the regularization of constructions under the Gunthwari system a certain fee is charged by the Department of Urban Development. Moreover, in case of Inamland an amount equal to 75% of the valuation is charged by the Revenue Department on account of unauthorized transfer. The Government had received grievances/representations to the effect that this amounted to a dual burden on the ordinary people. In furtherance thereof, the Government, with a view to affording some relief to the ordinary public, had passed the following Resolution under the above referred Government Resolution:-

            “While charging Nazarana on those Watan/Inam lands having construction regularized under the Gunthewari Act, an amount equal to 25% of the market value prevailing as on the date when the Competent Authority passed the orders for regularization of unauthorized construction under the Gunthwari Act, should be recovered as the Government’s share from the unearned income. This Scheme, shall operate only for one year from the date of issuance of this Government Resolution.”

            2. The Government contemplated the proposal for implementing this Scheme for one more year. Hence, in furtherance thereof, it is hereby resolved that the Scheme prescribed under the above Government Resolution dt. 3rd May, 2010, shall be applicable for one year from the date of issuance of this Government Resolution. After one year, the former order regarding 75% Nazarana for the regularization of unauthorized Non-Agricultural User of Watan/Inam land shall become applicable. Thereafter this Scheme shall not be extended.

            A copy of this Government Resolution has been made available on the website of the Government of Maharashtra viz. www.maharashtra.gov.in  and its Computer Code Number is 201211231258222519.

            By the order and in the name of the Governor of Maharashtra,

                                                                                    Sd/- 23.11.12


                                                            Deputy Secretary to the Government

                                                            Department of Revenue and Forest


1] The Principal Secretary, Department of Urban Development, Mantralaya, Mumbai-32,

2] All Divisional Commissioners,

3] The Settlement Commissioner and the Director of Land Records, Maharashtra State, Pune,

4] The Inspector General of Registration and Controller of Stamps, Maharashtra State, Pune,

5] All District Collectors,

6] All Sub-Divisional Officers,

7] All Tahsildars,

8] The Accountant General, Maharashtra State-1/2, Mumbai/Nagpur (Audit/Accounts & Entitlement),

9] Select File, L-4 Desk, Department of Revenue & Forest, Mantralaya, Mumbai.


[Text Translated by Adv. Prakash Manohar Chalke-

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