KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, I, __________, resident of _____________________________________ do hereby SEND GREETINGS.

            WHEREAS I am the true and lawful owner of, and otherwise fully seized and possessed of a residential flat being Flat No._____, Floor No_________, _______________Co-operative Housing Society, standing on C.S.No._______Division, __________Road,______________________________________(Area/Locality),_____________________(City/District)________________, PIN CODE___________, (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Said Flat’ for the sake of brevity), which I purchased in the year____from my own funds, from the Developer/Promoter/Builder   M/s._____________________.

            AND WHEREAS due to old age and ill health, I am unable to look after, manage and take care of the ‘Said Flat’ and for the proper management thereof, I am desirous of appointing a competent Attorney in manner as hereinafter provided.


            That I, ___________________________ (hereinafter referred to as the “Principal” for the sake of brevity), do hereby nominate, appoint and constitute my son Shri._______________________, an adult Indian, Occ:-______, resident of ________________________________, as my true and lawful Attorney (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Said Attorney’) to do all or any of the acts, matters, deeds and things and to exercise all or any of the powers and rights, THAT IS TO SAY:-

  1. To manage the ‘Said Flat’ and to let or demise or grant licence in respect of the ‘Said Flat’, hereditament and premises or any part thereof, to any person or persons, body corporate or association of individuals or any other legal entity for any term at such premium or licence fee or any other form of compensation and to settle the covenants and conditions thereof as the ‘Said Attorney’ may think fit and to execute any deeds, documents or writings for the said purpose. Without prejudice to anything herein before written,  to transfer and/or to sell the ‘Said Flat’ to any proper person as the ‘Said Attorney’ may deem fit and proper or to give the ‘Said Flat’ on leave & licence basis and to execute the necessary agreements in that respect on my behalf and to receive any moneys towards the security deposit, premium, consideration or compensation and to appear before the Sub-Registrar of Assurances or the Superintendent of Stamps or any other Authority under the relevant Stamps and Registration Acts, for the purpose of stamping and registration of the necessary instrument.
  2. To repair, renovate and rebuild the ‘Said Flat’, hereditament and premises or any part thereof belonging to me or in which I may be interested and to insure the same or any of them against loss or damage by fire, theft or otherwise and to pay all premium, rents, rates, taxes, outgoings, subscriptions including insurance premium, in respect thereof.
  3. To give and execute effectual receipts and discharge for the rents, profits, premium, consideration and compensation in respect of the ‘Said Flat’.
  4. To commence, prosecute and continue any action, suits or other proceedings, whatsoever, as may be necessary for compelling the payment of such rents, premium, fees, consideration or compensation as may accrue or fall due in respect of the ‘Said Flat’.
  5. To commence, prosecute and continue any action, suits or other proceedings, whatsoever, as may be necessary for defending or protecting the ‘Said Flat’, hereditament and premises as per exigencies of circumstances as I myself might or could initiate if I were personally present and did the same.
  6. To state, settle, adjust, compound and submit to arbitration, all actions, suits, accounts, claims and demands, whatsoever, which are now pending or hereinafter shall or may be pending between me and any person or persons, in such manners and in all respects as the ‘Said Attorney’ shall think fit.
  7. To sign all such forms, declarations and applications as may be required to be filled in by the concerned co-operative Housing Society in respect of the ‘Said Flat’ and to take part in the proceedings of the General Body or other meetings of the society, subject to the provisions of such Acts, Regulations and Bye-laws as will be in force from time to time.
  8. To appear on my behalf in any Court or Courts of law in India or before any Tribunal or Tribunals, whatsoever, in which I may be a party and to defend the same or suffer judgments or obtain decree in any other action, suit, complaint or proceedings as the ‘Said Attorney’ shall think fit and proper and for that purpose to sign and execute all documents, applications, forms or declaration as may be necessary.
  9. To enter into, make, sign, seal, execute, deliver, acknowledge and perform any contract, agreement, deed, writing or thing that may in the opinion of the ‘Said Attorney’ be necessary or proper to be entered into, made, signed, sealed, executed, delivered, acknowledged or performed for effectuating the purposes aforesaid or any of them.
  10. To open accounts in any Bank or Banks as the ‘Said Attorney’ shall think fit and to operate the same on my behalf and to sign and endorse all cheques, hundies, drafts, slips, bills of exchange, receipts and other negotiable instruments and to receive payments in respect of the same, accept and receive money orders, electronic or telegraphic money transfers on my behalf and to withdraw any funds therefrom.
  11. To pledge, mortgage or charge the ‘Said Flat’ or for that matter any moveable properties or articles of mine lying in the custody of the ‘Said Attorney’ for effectively safeguarding my interest in the ‘Said Flat’ as per the exigencies of circumstances.
  12. To appear before any Income-Tax Authorities or any other Taxation Authorities (including the Appellate Tribunals) and to represent me in all such matters relating to the assessment of my tax and to file tax returns, certificates, applications or petitions as may be required and to consent to any composition or settlement on my behalf.
  13. To appear on my behalf before any Revenue, Municipal, Police or other authority and to represent me in all such matters and proceedings as may be brought before them concerning the ‘Said Flat’.
  14. AND GENERALLY to sign all letters, correspondence and other documents and to execute and perform any other acts, deeds or thing whatsoever which ought to be done, executed or performed or which in the opinion of the ‘Said Authority’ ought to be done, executed or performed in or about my concerns and engagements of every nature and kind whatsoever as fully and effectually and to all intents and purposes as I could do if I were personally present, and for better and more effective execution and performance of all the several matters and things as stated above, I hereby give and grant unto the ‘Said Attorney’ full powers and authority to appoint one or more substitute or substitutes to do, execute and perform all or any of things as aforesaid at his pleasure and to remove all or any of them as he may deem fit and I hereby agree and undertake to ratify and confirm, whatever the ‘Said Attorney’ or the substitute/s appointed by him shall have done concerning the ‘Said Flat’.

            IN WITNESS WHEREOF I, __________________, the ‘Principal’ above named do hereby set and subscribe my hand and seal this______day of ________, 20__.


DELIVERED By the within-named


in the presence of the

following witnesses:


                                                                The Principal







of the Principal


Photograph of

the Constituted Attorney

Before Me,


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