Government Circular dt. 03.01.2015 –Sub- Expeditious Building Permission on small sized authorised plots on the basis of Standardised Specimen Plans*


                        Regarding grant of expeditious building permission on   

                        small sized authorised plots on the basis of Standardised  

                        Specimen Building Plans

Government of Maharashtra

Department of Urban Development

Circular No.-TPS-1813/3200/Pra.Kra.520/13/Circular/UD-13

Mantralaya, Mumbai-400 032

Date:- 03/01/2015


        Those areas in the state for which a Regional Plan has been sanctioned as per the provisions of the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act, 1966 (hereinafter referred to as “the said Act”) or in respect of which a notice has been published regarding preparation of the Model Regional Plan, in those areas (hereinafter referred to as “the said areas”), it would be mandatory to seek development/building permission from the concerned District Collector under Section 18 of the said Act. It is noticed by the Government that the concerned parties have to face undue delay in getting building permission even for the construction of houses of individual nature on small sized authorised plots due to various reasons. Against this background, the Government, for the benefit of public, has got prepared a variety of Standardised Specimen Building  Plans by the Director of Town Planning, Maharashtra State, for such small plots, being relative to their plot area, as set out hereunder:-

Sr. No.Plot Area (Sq. Mt)Type of BuildingSpecimen Building Plans
1.30-40Row-HouseRH/I – A to H- (8 Options)
2.40-50Row-HouseRH/II – A to H- (8 Options)
3.50-60Row-HouseRH/III – A to H- (8 Options)
4.60-80Row-HouseRH/IV – A to H- (8 Options)
5.80-100Row-HouseRH/V – A to H- (8 Options)
6.100-150Semi-DetachedSD/VI – A to H- (8 Options)
7.150-200DetachedD/VII- A to H- (8 Options)

         If applications for the sanction of Building Plans are made as per the aforesaid Standardised Building Plans, it would save office time in the technical scrutiny of such applications and facilitate an early disposal of such building permission cases and as such it would be possible to grant an expeditious permission. In view thereof, the Government hereby issues the following instructions to all District Collectors, as hereunder:- 

        If the concerned plot-holder in the “Said areas” selects an appropriate Specimen Plan from the above referred Standardised Specimen Building Plans and makes an application, complete in all respects and accompanied by requisite documents to the competent authority requesting building permission on his authorised plot, then following action should be taken vis-à-vis such building permission:-

            1. If the concerned plot holder selects an appropriate specimen plan from the Standardised Specimen Building Plans enclosed with this circular and makes an application complete in all respects, in the form prescribed under the accompanying Appendix-“A” seeking building permission on a plot in the sanctioned layout in the “said areas” or a plot authorised or regularised under the Maharashtra Gunthewari Development (Regularisation, Upgradation and Control) Act, 2001 or any other Act, then concerned District Collector would have to take an appropriate decision regarding sanction of building permission within 7 working days of the date of the receipt of such application.   

        2. Upon the grant of such building permission the concerned plot holder is expected to carry out construction on the site by maintaining marginal distances in conformity with the sanctioned plan. However, there would not be any impediment to modify the arrangement/size of the rooms in the internal area, as per necessity by maintaining plinth measurements and the area, as per sanction. However, notwithstanding such changes, the internal area of the rooms and other dimensions would have to stay within the limits under the sanctioned Development Control Regulations. 

        3. Making an application for development permission by adopting standardised specimen building plans enclosed with this circular would be entirely a voluntary act on the part of the plot holder and if construction is sought to be carried out as per some other plan, action would have to be taken as per the prevailing procedure.

        4. While accepting/after accepting the standardised specimen building plans enclosed with this circular, no concession/relaxation would be permitted in any of the provisions of the Development Control Regulations.

        5. The aforesaid instructions should be brought into force with effect from the date of this circular.


                                 [Manu Kumar Shriwastav]

                                Principal Secretary (UD-1),

                         Department of Urban Development


District Collectors of all districts


Copy despatched for information:

1. The Secretary to the Hon’ble Chief Minister,

2. The Private Secretary to the Hon’ble Minister of State (UD),

3. The Principal Secretary (UD-1), Department of Urban Development, Mantralaya, Mumbai,

4. The Director of Town Planning, Maharashtra State, Pune, who is requested to publish the circular on the website of the Directorate of Town Planning too, viz.

5. Chief Planner, Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation, Mumbai,

6. The Director-cum-Joint Secretary (Town Planning), Department of Urban Development, Mantralaya, Mumbai,

7. The Joint Director-cum-Joint Secretary (Town Planning), Department of Urban Development, Mantralaya, Mumbai,

8. Joint Directors, Town Planning, Enforcement Cell/Valuation/Pune/Konkan/Nashik/Nagpur/Aurangabad/Amravati Divisions,

9.Divisional Commissioners, Pune/Konkan/Nashik/Nagpur/Aurangabad/Amravati Divisions,

10. Assistant Directors, Town Planning/Town Planners, all Branch Offices, Town Planning Department,

11. Section Officer (UD-29), Department of Urban Development, Mantralaya, Mumbai, who is requested to publish this circular on the website of the Government,

12. Section Officers, Department of Information and Technology, Mantralaya, Mumbai, who is requested to publish this circular on the website of the Government,

13. Under Secretaries, UD-11/UD-13/UD-30,

14. Section Officers, UD-9/UD-12,

15. Select File (UD-13).   



Appendix accompanying Government Circular No.-TPS-1813/3200/Pra.Kra.520/13/Circular/UD-13

Dated 03/01/2015


Specimen Form of Application for the grant of expeditious building construction permission as per Standardised Specimen Building Plan

 Rs. 10/- Court Fee Stamp                                     Photograph of Applicant                                                           Dt:-______/______/2015
1.To, Hon’ble District Collector/ Sub-Divisional Officer/ Tahsildar             Sub:- Regarding grant of sanction for the Development proposal as per Standardised Specimen Building Plan           Reference:- Circular in the Department of Urban Development, bearing No.TPS.1813/3200/Pra.Kra.520/13/Circular/UD-13, Dt.03.01.2015.. ——- Sir,           With reference to the captioned subject and in furtherance of the above referred Government Circular, I have to request you that I wish to carry out construction on the below mentioned land, in accordance with Standardised Specimen Building Plan No.__________, selected by me/us and in furtherance thereof, I am submitting the proposal for sanction, together with the requisite information, all documents and the selected Standardised Specimen Building Plan, as set out hereunder. Hence, I request you that expeditious building construction permission be sanctioned in my favour, accordingly.
2.Name of the Applicant 
3.Complete Address of the Applicant 
4.Telephone No:-Mobile No. Residential:-
5.E-mail Id, if any 
6.Details of the Land covered by proposal 
(i) S.N./G.N./C.T.S. No. 
(ii) Area_________Are,
(iii) Name of the Village 
(iv) Name of the Taluka 
7.Whether the proposed area is situated within Gaothan/dense locality or outside Gaothan/dense locality 
8.Standardised Specimen Building Plan selected_______ Sq. feet _______Sq. Mt Specimen No._________
9.How much is the width of access road connecting the proposed plot? 
10.Date:-_____/______/______(Signature and Name of the Applicant)
For Office Use Only
IChecklist for the expeditious building permission application as per Standardised Specimen Building Plan
Sr. No.Factual Status regarding DocumentsYes/No
1.Whether the applicant has mentioned all details in the application in prescribed form? 
2.Proof regarding titular rights in the proposed land (Village Form No.7/12 and 8A, the original extract or any City Survey No.)  
3.Standardised Specimen Building Plan selected by the applicant for immediate building permission Specimen Plan No._____ of the House having built up area of approximately______ (______Sq. feet) 
4.Whether the applicant is the sole owner of the proposed land as apparent from the Record of Rights or whether he has undisputed development rights in respect of the said land. 
5.Record regarding the authorised status of the proposed plot (e.g. Copy of the layout sanctioned by the Competent Officer) 
6.A copy of Non-Agricultural permission for the proposed plot, if so obtained. 
7.A copy of the order for regularisation of proposed plot, if it was earlier involved in Gunthewari development. 
IIOffice Remarks
 (i) Whether this office is satisfied that the applicants have valid rights for the development of land? 
 (ii) Whether this office is satisfied that residential user can be permitted on the captioned land on the scrutiny of land user section and other matters under the Regional Plan? 
 (iii) Whether this office is satisfied regarding authorised status of the captioned land? 
 (iv) Whether the applicant has selected an appropriate type of Standardised Specimen Building Plan, having regard to the size and area of the plot? (If the applicant has not selected appropriate type of Standardised Specimen Building Plan, this office should offer help in its selection. If the applicants concur in the alternative plan so suggested, a corrigendum letter should be obtained from them and further action should be taken accordingly vis-à-vis the application) 
 (v) Whether necessary marginal distances are available on the plot as per the Standardised Specimen Building Plan so selected? 
 (vi) Crystal clear opinion regarding grant of development permission as per the Standardised Specimen Building Plan selected by the applicant, having regard to all above matters. 


Editorial Note.—

For accessing Standardised Specimen Building Plans, please visit the official website of the Government of Maharashtra viz. and look up under the G.R/Notification section.


*[Translated work:- Translated by Adv. Prakash Manohar Chalke-

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