This Paying Guest Agreement is made and entered into at ________________________ this_______day of______________20____, between ABC, a resident of _________________________City:-_____________, State:-______________________, PIN-__________, hereinafter referred to as the “Party of one part” and DEF, an adult Indian, aged about:-__________years, Occ:-___________, an ordinary resident and native of ________________________________________, hereinafter referred to as the “ Party of other part” for the sake of brevity.

            AND WHEREAS the “Party of one Part” is the absolute owner of a residential flat being and situate at ___________________________________________________, City:-__________ -; State:- _________ PIN:-__________, admeasuring about _______Sq.Feet (carpet), comprising a drawing hall, Two bed-rooms and kitchen with attached W.C (herein after referred to as the “Said premises” for the sake of brevity) where the said “Party of one Part” has been staying along with his family since last several years and has been enjoying the peaceful and uninterrupted possession.

            AND WHEREAS the “Party of other part” for the time being is need of accommodation and has approached the said “Party of one Part” to allow her to occupy a part of the “Said premises” namely the north facing bed-room and to share the Kitchen, W.C and bathroom with “Party of one Part” and his family on ‘Paying Guest’ basis for a limited period of eleven months (11 months only) and where as the “Party of one Part” was agreeable to this, they have entered into and executed the “Paying Guest” Agreement on the terms and conditions which are set out hereunder:-


(1)  That the “Party of other part” in consideration of the grant of permission to share the “Said premises” on “Paying Guest” basis, shall pay to the said “Party of one Part” a sum of Rs.__________________________/- (Rs.___________________________________ only) per month and that the said compensation shall be paid by the 7th day of every calendar month during the subsistence of the said agreement. Any default in making timely payment of the monthly compensation shall be a valid ground for the termination of the agreement, besides it will entitle the “Party of one Part” to claim and recover the damages from the other party by levying a penalty of Rs._____ per day for the period of default.

(2)  The “Said premises” will be used only for the residence of the “Party of other part” and for no other purpose and she shall not do any act, deed or thing to disturb the peaceful possession of the “Party of one Part”.

(3)  That the premises are shared with the “Party of other part” on “Paying Guest” basis only and nothing therein shall be construed to create or to have ever created a tenancy, licence, lease or adverse interest to the detriment of the “Party of one Part”.

(4)  That the ‘Party of other part’ shall use the premises in good faith and will not cause any damage thereto. If any damage is caused thereto, the same will be made good by her at her own cost either by rectifying the damage or by paying such cash compensation as may be determined by the “Party of one Part”.

(5)  That the ‘Party of other part’ shall not cause any nuisance or annoyance to the people in the neighborhood or store any hazardous goods or contraband in the “Said premises” or in bedroom allocated to her. Moreover, she shall not do any act, deed or thing in contravention of any Statute, Regulations or bye-laws, for time being in force.

(6)  If the ‘Party of other part’ commits a breach of any of the terms of this agreement then notwithstanding anything herein contained, the “Party of one Part” shall be entitled to terminate the agreement unilaterally  by giving fifteen days prior notice to the party of the other part.

(7)  That on the expiration of the period of eleven months this agreement shall come to an end and the ‘Party of other part’ shall vacate the premises peacefully.

In Witness whereof, the parties hereto have put their respective hands the day and year first herein above written.


Signed by the Withinnamed

“Party of one Part”

In the presence of





“Party of one Part”



Signed by the Withinnamed

‘Party of other part’

In presence of





                                                                        ‘Party of other part’

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