Special Power of Attorney for Sale

            KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS I, ABC, an adult Indian, aged about_____ years, occ:-________, r/o:-______________________________, do hereby send my greetings.

            WHEREAS, I am absolutely seized and possessed of an agricultural land admeasuring about___________ Acres &_______ Are, being and situate at village_________, saza________, Tehsil & sub-division___________, District________, State_________, which land I have inherited from my late father Shri.__________________________ on his demise in the year________ (hereinafter, for the sake of brevity, referred to as the ‘Said land’)

            WHEREAS, I am the only surviving legal heir of my late father, I am entitled to hold and enjoy the ‘Said land’ to the exclusion of any other person.

            WHEREAS, I am currently settled and living in Dubai (U.A.E) in connection with an overseas employment, it is no longer possible for me to look after the ‘Said land’ or to enjoy the benefits arising therefrom; hence, I have decided to sell the ‘Said land’ to any suitable person who would be ready and willing to offer the best price therefor.

            WHEREAS, my current employment does not permit me to return to India as often as required and for certain personal reasons I want to sell the ‘Said land’ as expeditiously as possible; hence, I hereby appoint my close friend Shri_______________, an adult Indian, aged about______ years, occ:-________, r/o:____________________________ as my Special Attorney in respect of the ‘Said land’ to do the following acts, deeds and things in my name and on my behalf as under:-

  1. To appoint real estate agents to find the prospective buyers for carrying out the sale of the ‘Said land’.
  2. To place advertisement/s in the widely circulated local newspapers & magazines and/or on the housing related websites for seeking proposals from the prospective buyers with sound credentials.
  3.             To enter into negotiations with the prospective buyers and/or to hold parleys with their lawfully appointed representatives and to arrive at the broad terms & conditions of the sale transaction.
  4.             To apply for and obtain permissions/sanctions or approvals of the government/semi-government and local authorities including the revenue and land record authorities as well as the permission of the Income-Tax Authorities.
  5.             To consult, engage and appoint Advocates and/or Attorneys to prepare the legal documents and papers to give effect to the prospective sale transaction.
  6. To execute agreement for sale, sale deed or conveyance or like instrument and to present the same for registration and to admit the execution thereof and in general to do all such acts, deeds and things which are necessary to complete the intended transaction.
  7.             To receive the consideration of the sale transaction and to issue Discharge Receipt/s in my name and on my behalf and to deposit the consideration so received in my SB A/c No_____________ at_____________ Bank,_________ Branch.
  8. To hand over peaceful & vacant possession of the ‘Said land’ to the purchaser on the completion of the intended transaction. All the acts, deeds and things lawfully done by the Special Attorney in this regard shall be binding upon me and I hereby undertake to ratify the same.

            IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have set and affixed my hand to this writing this____ day of___________, 20____ in the presence of the following witnesses:

Signed, sealed and delivered by

the withinnamed Principal in

the presence of Witnesses:

1] Sd/-





                                                                        The Principal/Executant

2] Sd/-



Before Me,

Sub-Registrar of Assurances______





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