THIS GIFT DEED is made and entered into at ________________________this______ day of _________year 20______, between Mr.__________________________________________________________an adult Indian, aged about_____________________years, Occ:-__________________ r/o___________________________________(hereinafter referred to as the “Donor of first part”) and Mr.__________________________________________________, an adult Indian, aged about__________years, Occ:-_________________________ r/o_________________________________________(hereinafter called the “Donee of the other part”)

WHEREAS the “Donor of first part” being the absolute owner and possessor of the property, presently valued at Rs.__________, and described in the schedule annexed hereto, is desirous of disposing of the said property by way of gift, out of natural love and affection, in favour of the “Donee of the other part” who is donor’s younger sister;

AND WHEREAS the “Donor of first part” desires to set out in writing the various terms governing the grant of the said property, this Deed of gift witnesses as follows :-

  1. That the “Donor of first part” out of his natural love and affection towards the “Donee of the other part” and without being influenced by any kind of force or coercion or undue influence and of  his free will and volition and in full possession of all his mental and bodily senses, doth hereby, gift, transfer and convey the said property, as described in the schedule appended hereto, unto the “Donee of the other part”, together with all the attendant profits, advantages, privileges and appurtenances attached to the said property and authorises her to hold the property so gifted, forever and absolutely.
  1. That the said property has been gifted without any let or hindrance whatsoever, from or by the said “Donor of first part” or by any person or persons claiming through, under or on his behalf.

IN WITNESSES WHEREOF the “Donor of first part” doth hereby set and subscribe his signature to this writing and the “Donee of the other part” accepts the same and in token thereof she has affixed her hand to this writing, the day, month and year herein before mentioned


“Donor of first part”

Witness 1:


“Donee of the other part”

Witness 2:


Schedule of the Property

All that piece and parcel of land being and situate at___________, Tehsil_________, District_____________, State________________, bearing Survey/Gatt. No.________, Hissa No._________, admeasuring about_____________, which is bound on four sides as follows:-

On or towards East:-__________________________________________

On or towards South:-_________________________________________

On or towards West:-_________________________________________

On or towards North:-__________________________________________

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